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Character of Technique essays

Character of Technique essays Influence of Orson Wells; Citizen Kane. There's no kidding the genius of the perhaps the greatest inovator of modern film: Orson Welles. Accomplishing in his early twenties what only a few have in their lives, this bright young star promised to alter hollywood roots forever. After working his way into a movie deal with RKO Studios, Welles created his most recognized 1941 masterpiece, Citizen Kane. Kane not only won the 1941 Oscor for best Film, but Orson shattered all kinds of molds with his controversial writing, his experimental directing, and his disturbingly convincing role as the media mogul Charles Foster Kane. Fifty years later, Citizen Kane is universally accepted as the greatest American Film ever made. Growing up, Orson Welles produced, directed, and starred in his own brilliant projects. Citizen Kane was no different. Implementing ceilings into the shot enlightened mise-on-scen and took realism to a whole new level. Complimenting the depth of the screen is Orson's amazing use of the long take. This encorporates a single camera shot lasting longer than one minute. After one viewing, this auther counted thirty-five uses of the long take in this 119 minute masterpiece. There is one scene towards the end of the film portraying Kane in his elder, darker years. The take begins in a room inside Xanadu, Kanes multi-million dollar estate, where Susan Alexander leaves the disturbed Kane for good. It continues with Kane smashing up the room. He then leaves the room and walkes passed his confused staff of waiters, butlers, and door men into a mirrored hallway. The camera work is so suddle yet so effective, it literally speaks to you without words. The long shot not only displays the sleakness of the film, it avoids over-editing, providing room for brilliant dialogue. Welles also demonstrates his prestigious stan ...

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How to Be a Great Speech Writer

How to Be a Great Speech Writer So if you decided to write a speech on any topic, or a professor asked you to make a speech on a specific subject – you need some assistance in writing it, or you need to find a qualified speech writer to write the whole paper for you. The main point of doing speeches – is to be able to write a great quality speech according to your own personality, for you to be able to deliver the message of the statement to the audience effectively. Though it is perceived that the central part of the speech is the speech itself – it is wrong. The principal obligation of a quality speech writer is to be able to write a good statement, for it to be interesting for the audience, as well as to stress on the essential parts of the speech. Here are several tips on how to be a good speech writer, and manage to write a good speech for your class: Try focusing on the audience’s taste and field of interest. A good speech writer always defines what the audience will be interested in, and tries to incorporate his speech according to these interests. Never use too sophisticated language. The audience hates to admit that you are smarter than they are, so try not to sound too bright for the speech. Avoid passive voice. The most critical questions in the speech are â€Å"What?† and â€Å"Who?† A speech writer has to focus on these questions to build a good, comprehensive paper. It does not matter if you are an informative speech writer or a persuasive speech writer – you have to maintain a good and profound structure, logical and algorithmic. The best speech writers always think ahead of all consequences of the things they say in their speech. You have to be able to foresee the questions you might be asked during the speech, and you have to be able to explain yourself and answer them correctly and efficiently. All professional speech writers need to check the speeches they have written afterward. You need to reread the speech like twelve times before you can be able to stand up in front of the whole audience and communicate your message. If you are having problems with your speech – why not ask for help from an expert? can easily help and assist you with your statement. We are ready to provide you with a professional speech writer, who will help you and develop your speech for it to look magnificent, and for you to be able to succeed with the speech. has been helping students for more than ten years, and has excellent experience in speech writing. If you inquire right now – you will receive speech assistance in a matter of seconds.

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Regional and Economic International Organizations Essay

Regional and Economic International Organizations - Essay Example Many people lived lives of total despair. However, there were a number of brave men and women who decided to look at this crisis as an opportunity and to fashion something new out of the mess. The most important change to make involved the world economic system. And so the Bretton Woods regime was founded on July 1944, in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, United States, by the delegations of the 44 Allied nations with the intent of creating a new financial and economic order, due to the shift of power occurred as a result of the Second World War. The Bretton Woods regime was a result of the events which affected the world economy and political system, starting from the great Depression to the rise of Nationalist dictatorships and finally the Second World War; its declared objective was to ensure prosperity to all nations, so conflict would never occur again, and can best be understood by this quotation: "The nations should consult and agree on international monetary changes which affect each other. They should outlaw practices which are agreed to be harmful to world prosperity, and they should assist each other to overcome short-term exchange difficulties." The lesson learned by the horrors of the war were that increased economic integration would stand a good chance of reducing the opportunities and incentives to go to war. If war cost the same amount to everyone there would be few advantages for any one country to start one. Economic integration and some standardization would be key to this. The policy of open markets first seriously pushed at this conference would have a major influence on the world economy to this day. This policy however did not come out of the blue. There were a number of significant individuals who came up with the theories and principles that underlay and who worked hard to guide the process forward. Without a doubt one of the most important of these figures was the economist John Maynard Keynes, one

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Health Care Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Health Care - Term Paper Example Yet three major health providers have proposed plans to secure Americans’ health. The American Medical Association (AMA) has made the problem of how to cover the uninsured a top priority. They have proposed that â€Å"three pillars† are necessary in order to reach this goal. First, tax credits and vouchers can assist those who desperately need help, and in case the government hand-out becomes no longer necessary, they are fully refundable. Secondly, the AMA has proposed that individual choice of health insurance, with tax credits and regulatory reform, is an â€Å"effective means of reigning in runaway health care costs and premiums, without sacrificing highly prized benefits of health care† (American Medical Association). The third and final pillar concerns the regulation of markets in order to protect high-risk patients. â€Å"Regulations should protect high-risk individuals without unduly driving up health insurance premiums for the rest of the population† (American Medical Association). The AMA focuses their proposal primarily on governme nt intervention in order to stabilize the health care system. The Business Roundtable (BRT) members are another leading health care provider in the United States, providing over 35 million employees and families with medical coverage (Business Roundtable). While the AMA focuses upon regulation in their proposal for the future of health care, the BRT supports a competitive marketplace in which health insurers can offer coverage across state lines and regions, allowing a greater number of people to participate in particular programs. Overall, the BRT focuses upon the standards necessary for the health care system to grow and continue to flourish, including the â€Å"adoption of uniform, interoperable health information technology standards; dissemination of consumer information on the cost and quality of health care and comparison of the effectiveness of health care services and supplies;

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Challanges we face Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Challanges we face - Essay Example Michelangelo’s transformation depicts the ideas and criticism that displays the negativity towards culture and religious authority. In fact, his personality and ego gives a better inside of a clash of values that are essential to him. Moreover, Michelanego’s personality is referred to an assimilation of eastern and western values that many modern icons go through in their lifetime period. A great deal of philosophy in essence even during the Renaissance era continued to emphasize the concept of fatalism. Dante is a prime example of that as his religious beliefs are put on a stern test as he visits his ultimate fate, which is hell. The traditional belief at that era was the fact that predestination is critical component that one must embrace. Dante’s legacy depicts that events and propositions that occur in the present will also occur in the future. Hence, events occurring in the future are unavoidable. The future is contingent and Dante’s Inferno is the key element that discusses the vital aspect of predestination. However as society progressed after the renaissance era where the black plague left an embarking mark, society began to experience this new revival of the enlightenment era. The enlightenment era undoubtedly was a different taste than the renaissance as science played a pivotal role in establishing the reasons for events that occur. Suddenly, philosophers modified their mindset to think critically instead of deriving their conclusions on fate, religion, and myths. Comparing to this to a recent event, another sort of enlightenment period was the civil rights movement in which Martin Luther King took him upon himself to challenge the traditional views of not only society but the ideologies of capitalism and white superiority. Another concept that has been altered the perspective of society was the fact that society tends to focus on

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Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 5

Assignment - Essay Example In the current situation, this concept is obsolete and individuals are more focused upon the applicable use of legal documents that safeguard the interest of individuals. The doctrine states three concepts public-policy exception, implied-contract exception and covenant-of-good-faith exception. These three concepts were observed by the courts of law but none of the three conditions have any clear guidelines about the employment. The standard framework for the relationship is missing and these concepts can not be the norms. For the norms to be clear and precise, well developed framework is necessary. The right of the contract is absent in the concepts which might generate whole lot of issues in future (Muhl, â€Å"The employment-at-will doctrine: three major exceptions†). From the various concepts, it is noted that an employer is always in a beneficial stage as employer has the full right in employment-at-will to terminate or not to with reasons or without reasons at any point of time. The personal influences or decisions are not subject to any rules or